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Burnley Prediction Panel

Who are our best panelists for predicting Burnley results

Analysis by Result/ Score

Chris Cox

Game Result Score
Tottenham Hotspur(h) Incorrect Result Incorrect Score
Birmingham City(a) Correct Result Incorrect Score
Liverpool(h) Correct Result Incorrect Score
Sunderland(a) Correct Result Correct Score
Manchester City(h) Correct Result Incorrect Score
Blackburn Rovers(h) Correct Result Incorrect Score
Wigan Athletic(a) Correct Result Incorrect Score
Wolverhampton Wanderers(h) Correct Result Correct Score
Portsmouth(h) Incorrect Result Incorrect Score
Aston Villa(a) Correct Result Incorrect Score
Fulham(a) Correct Result Incorrect Score
West Ham United(h) Correct Result Correct Score
Manchester United(a) Correct Result Correct Score
Everton(a) Correct Result Correct Score
Bolton Wanderers(h) Correct Result Correct Score
Wolverhampton Wanderers(a) Incorrect Result Incorrect Score
Arsenal(h) Incorrect Result Incorrect Score
Fulham(h) Incorrect Result Incorrect Score
Portsmouth(a) Correct Result Incorrect Score
West Ham United(a) Correct Result Incorrect Score
Manchester City(a) Incorrect Result Incorrect Score
Hull City(h) Correct Result Incorrect Score
Wigan Athletic(h) Incorrect Result Incorrect Score
Blackburn Rovers(a) Correct Result Incorrect Score
Chelsea(a) Correct Result Incorrect Score
Tottenham Hotspur(a) Correct Result Incorrect Score
Sunderland(h) Incorrect Result Incorrect Score
Everton(h) Incorrect Result Incorrect Score
Stoke City(a) Correct Result Correct Score


No biog

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