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14/01/2008 08:00:00.
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Even before he has departed for pastures new, the search for a replacement for Nicolas Anelka at Bolton Wanderers is well and truly on.

Mondayís Times newspaper (January 7) suggests that Gary Megson will turn his attentions to another French international, former Liverpool striker Djibril Cisse. Mind, he will face a fair bit of competition with the likes of West Ham United, Manchester City and Blackburn Rovers also reported to be interested in the Marseille forward.

Thereís a somewhat shorter queue for the services of Portsmouthís Matt Taylor, yet the Trotters still canít get a clear path to their man. A bid of £3.5million from the Reebok Stadium club has been accepted according to the Daily Mail, but so has a similar offer from Sunderland. Does anyone else worry that Roy Keane might me more persuasive than Megson?

Shrewdly keeping sight of the need for a striker, Megson is apparently in the race to sign Javier Saviola from Real Madrid. Thatís according to several news outlets, who have perhaps cunningly spotted that the road from Madrid to Bolton is one well travelled by men like Anelka (via a few service stations sometimes known as football clubs), Ivan Campo and Fernando Hierro.

The Daily Express report that bravely, pointlessly, Wanderers attempt to put Chelsea off the idea of signing Anelka by demanding a fee of £18million. Thatís fully £7million more than even the cash-crazy Bluesí valuation.

If the prospect of Anelkaís move south does not strike fear into the hearts of Bolton fans, then how about the looming spectre of Jussi Jaaskelainenís exit from the club? Not convinced? Nor are the Daily Telegraph, who started the rumour on Tuesday (January 8) and then quickly back-tracked by saying that the Finn does not want to join Barcelona until the summer. Oh, thatís alright then. The Sun attempts to soften the blow for Bolton fans by offering the scant consolation that Chelsea may go as high as £15million to seal a deal for Anelka. Small mercies, and all that.

The race for Taylor hots up, with yet more interested parties making life more difficult for Bolton. The interest expressed last week by Rangers is raked up again by the Daily Telegraph, who also report that Reading have joined Sunderland on the list of potential suitors. All of which probably leaves Megson feeling like heís won the lottery jackpot but has to share his prize with 3.4million other ílucky jackpot winnersí.

Another day, another striker linked, with Hearts goal-grabber Andrius Velicka said to be under the Megson microscope this time. Thatís according to the Daily Mail, who report that Velicka could arrive at the Reebok Stadium for a fee in the region of £2million. Even that possible gain could be offset and even obliterated if reports in the Daily Mirror on Wednesday (January 9) are true that West Ham United are about to launch a bid for El Hadji Diouf.

The Independentís mischievous claim that Kevin Nolan could be joining Sam Allardyce at Newcastle United for £5million is blown apart when rich Geordie and alleged íman of the peopleí Mike Ashley tells BS to get his coat.

Thank God, for losing Nolan would have been cruel on Bolton who already seem certain to lose Anelka. Yet life is cruel sometimes, and so just when Avram Grant seems to be losing interest in the French star (The Guardian, Friday January 11) a deal goes through to take the player to Stamford Bridge. Bolton become £15million richer, which they will need to be since their chances of relegation to the Championship have just quadrupled. Megson reacts by telling everyone how good Kevin Davies is, which is rather like having your Ferrari stolen and boasting about how great your Ford Ka is.

By Stephen Orford
12 January 2008

Premier League Jan 2008 Transfer Window - Week 2 Round-up

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†we should of never of sold anelka and we shoulod buy defoe and then we will surrvive !!!!!! and we need a forwod not a defender so buy a good foewod plzzz then we will surrive !!!!


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