Chelsea; January Transfer Window 2008 - Week 3


Stephen Orford

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1/21/2008 9:00:00 AM.
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Since the two clubs get on so well, how about a bit of business between Chelsea and Barcelona to start the third week of January? The Sunday Mirror (January 13) forgets all about the Mourinho-inspired feud of recent years to report that Chelsea will make a bid to sign Barca midfielder Andres Iniesta. Without Jon Obi Mikel, Michael Essien and Frank Lampard at present, Chelsea nevertheless need a new midfielder like Petr Cech needs to comb his hair before each game. Has nobody realised that the players on international duty in Ghana are actually coming back at some point?

Some room in the midfield corps could be made by the exit of Steve Sidwell. Monday (January 14) brings news that Sidwell is even closer than he was last week to joining Sunderland. That means he must be awfully close indeed. As close as say, a couple of sumo wrestlers in a lift. Yet just in case you think you are reading the same old tat, the numerous publications who report this offer a lame attempt to spice the story up by stipulating that it will be a loan deal. Now why didn’t Chelsea think of loaning someone for say, a month, which by happy coincidence is exactly how long the African Cup of Nations is on for?

Anyone who thought that the days of Roman haphazardly splashing his wad around were gone should pick up a copy of Tuesday’s Sun (January 15). They say that Chelsea are prepared to fork out £10million for 19-year-old Uruguayan defender Martin Caceres. Mind you, they also report Liverpool’s interest and perhaps Abramovich considers £10million a reasonable price for the chance to wind up an old foe.

Depending on which newspaper you read and what kind of mood he is in, Didier Drogba is either entirely committed to Chelsea or else he has bought his plane tickets. Various Wednesday (January 16) editions suggest the latter, with Barcelona his preferred destination. Drogba, Henry, Messi and Eto’o? Not likely. Not unless Kevin Keegan replaces Frank Rijkaard at the Nou Camp. What? He’s going back where? No?

The Sun are back on the subject of Steve Sidwell, who they say does not want to go on loan to Sunderland. Instead, he might pitch up at either Portsmouth or Everton, although if he is looking for a permanent deal he hasn’t chosen his potential destinations all that carefully. Harry and Dave like a loan deal, don’t they?

It remains to be seen what kind of a choice Chelsea or indeed Branislav Ivanovic have made, that after the Lokomotiv Moscow defender joins for an undisclosed fee;

“It is the dream of any player to improve and the ultimate is to play for such a big team as this.” says Ivanovic, blocking out the thought of John Terry returning from injury.

Good news for Barcelona fans concerned by the possible arrival of Drogba causing an imbalance to the squad. Thursday’s Mirror (January 17) has the Chelsea-Barca love-in continuing, with Lionel Messi leaving for Stamford Bridge should the big Ivorian goal-guzzler pitch up in La Liga.

By Stephen Orford

19 January 2008

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 Are chelsea going to do any more transfers in January [Ed: A big money defender and forward so far is pretty good, only Newcastle may spend anywhere near that much. TBH I wouldn't expect too much more.]


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