Tottenham Hotspur Transfer Window Round-Up Week 3


Paul Grech

As a young kid, Paul Grech got used to hearing ‘oh no, not him’ when the others found out that he would be playing on their team. He quickly took the hint that he was crap at football. Hopefully, he’s a bit better at writing about it....
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24/01/2008 08:00:00.
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Much was made about what was going to happen at Tottenham come January. Many expected Juande Ramos to start splashing about the cash that he had been promised once appointed to start shaping the team in his image.

Reality has been different. Ramos knows that in January you are hardly likely to get the players you want for the simple reason that few clubs will be willing to deprive themselves of players if they are any good knowing that no decent replacement will be available.

Therefore, despite a lot of paper talk, very little has been done by them.

That might, however, change in the coming days. It seems a matter of time before the Portuguese midfielder Tiago signs from Juventus. Heralded as a star in the making when he signed last summer, Tiago has failed to impress and the Turin giants want to cut their losses before the player’s valuation continue to drop.

Tottenham need a player like him – someone through whom they can channel their attacks – and have done so since the departure of Michael Carrick..

Equally important will be the deal that brings Brazilian left-back Gilberto to White Hart Lane from Hertha Berlin. With Gareth Bale out for the rest of the season, Tottenham need cover and Gilberto fits the situation perfectly. With his contract due to expire at the end of the season, he’ll be cheap enough and, being 31, he’s old enough to ensure that he isn’t really a direct threat to Bale.

Apart from those two it is unlikely that Tottenham will sign any more players. Radek Cerny has slotted in nicely as goalkeeper and, despite it being unlikely that he will be at Tottenham next season, he will do until this one comes to an end.

The rumours surrounding the future of Dmitar Berbatov and Jermaine Defoe are also dying down, even though the latter was predictably linked with a move to Newcastle. It won’t happen because it is clear that Ramos considers him an important player at least for this season.

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