Prediction Panel 2007/8: Premier League 17 March - preview and predictions


Antony Melvin

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16/03/2008 12:30:00.
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The Monday game is a crucial relegation game, as Newcastle United have now drifted to three points off the drop and if Bolton win on Sunday it will be just two points. A win for Bolton would place them above both these teams and Birmingham City would then fall back into the relegation zone. This match can't seal the fate of either club - but it may feel like that.

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Monday, 17 March 2008; Barclays Premier League

Birmingham City (17/18) vs Newcastle United (15/16), KO 20:00

Hard to overplay the importance of this game in terms of the relegation battle. A win for either team would put the other in a desperate position; and it could well be that a draw whilst not particularly helpful for anyone would be preferable to risking defeat to seek a win. The first goal could well win it - but may never arrive. Michael Owen could prove to be a saviour for Newcastle here. Interestingly if Bolton win then a Newcastle defeat would dump Sunderland into the drop zone - which would be scant consolation for Newcastle who would be perched just above them.

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Paul Grech: Home
Colin Illingworth: Away
Hugh Larkin; Home
Antony Melvin: Draw

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