Champions League Haiku

The first leg of the semi-finals are here and the papers are dominated by Chelsea's trip to Liverpool; with the little matter of Barcelona's game against Manchester United to come. What better time could there be for a second ill-advised attempt at football haiku. After the first attempt at poetry Squarefootball was hacked, with the article database irretrievably trashed within a week by a far eastern ninja crew. So this may be the second and last of its kind!


Reds: been there, done that
Want to be outsiders, but ...
Know that's just an act

First leg at Anfield
Can end a tie, ask Inter
Confidence revealed


Chelsea are dreamin'
But need a goal to get to
Moscow with Roman

Avram wants trip too
So what price a Lamps special
Off a shin or two


TH tries sulking
'I'm not the Ars'nal Henry'
True, you're not scoring

Still Barca show glee
Ignore the struggling Frenchman
They do have Messi


Ferguson needs more
He always does, always will
Looks to superstar

Viva Ronaldo
Time to dominate big time
New El Beatle, no?