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Blackburn Rovers relativity placing November 2007

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4. (2) Blackburn Rovers: +4.7pts;

Blackburn suffered their dip in November picking up just two points from four games, which pushed them from the fringes of the top four to just over mid-table.  In relative terms the month was not a disaster however because these were four fixtures that were not high-points of last season.  These games yielded four points in 2006/7 with a home win over Liverpool the only result that differed from last season.  Overall despite the first dip in Blackburn's season; Blackburn are still projected to finish 7th.

November: -2.0pts;
2007/8: Liverpool (H) 1pt; Man Utd (A) 0pts; Fulham (A) 1pt; Aston Villa (H) 0pts;
2006/7: Liverpool (H) 3pts; Man Utd (A) 0pts; Fulham (A) 1pt; Aston Villa (H) 0pts;

October: +4.0 pts
2007/8: Birmingham (H) 3pts; Reading (H) 3pts; Tottenham (A) 3pts;
2006/7: Relegated Team (H) 3pts; Reading (H) 1pt; Tottenham (A) 1pt;

September: +0.7pts;
2007/8: Man City (H) 3pts; Chelsea (A) 1pt; Portsmouth (H) 0pts; Sunderland (A) 3pts;
2006/7: Man City (H) 3pts; Chelsea (A) 0pts; Portsmouth (H) 3pts; Relegated Team (A) 0.3pt;

August: +2.0pts;
2007/8 Middlesbrough (A) 3pts; Arsenal (H) 1pt; Everton (A) 1pt;
2006/7 Middlesbrough (A) 3pts; Arsenal (H) 0pts; Everton (A) 0pts;

2006/7 Points: 52
2006/7 Position: 10th

2007/8 Projected Points: 67
2007/8 Projected Position: 7th

November 2007 Relativity table: Man City and Liverpool surge; but Newcastle, Spurs and Reading crash

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