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Transfer speculation: Stephen Hunt to Sunderland (£5 million)

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Stephen Hunt’s transfer from Reading seems to be becoming a question of when rather than if. After being heavily linked with Everton FC, where a risibly low fee of £3 million was mentioned, it is now Sunderland who are apparently expressing an interest.

At least the fee mentioned this time round, that of £5 million, is a better reflection of the player’s value. And, if he were indeed to leave Reading, then Sunderland would be the ideal destination.

Apart from the fact that Roy Keane has a penchant for fellow Irishmen, Hunt is the sort of player you would expect to Keane to like. All action, Hunt never stops running but there’s more to his game than quantity.

Indeed, he is quite a skilful player who has fitted in quite comfortably in the Premier League. And that is what really attracts Keane for his squad lacks players who are of the quality needed to play at this level.

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