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Transfer speculation: Robbie Savage to Sunderland (£1.5 million)

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Few footballers elicit widespread hate from fans like Robbie Savage but fewer still have as many admirers in managers of mid-ranking clubs.

Of course, labelling Sunderland as mid-ranking would at the moment be flattering but that is their immediate ambition and it is also why Roy Keane is so interested in the midfielder. His side lacks both experience and also the quality to survive the relegation battle that they find themselves in and a player like Savage can be critical for him.

Despite his tag as a destructive midfielder, Savage is actually quite skillful: otherwise he wouldn't have played so long and been valued as much in the Premier League.

Having lost his starting place at Blackburn so would be interested in a move. Despite refusing to comment publicly, Roy Keane has already lodged a £1 million bid which was turned down largely as Blackburn feel that they can get a little bit more out of them: if Sunderland up their bid by £500,000 then Savage will be moving to the Stadium of Light.

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