Transfer speculation: Zlatan Ibrahimovic to Chelsea (swap)

Chelsea might win the Champions League yet still break up their squad in the summer. Likewise Inter Milan will refresh, despite winning Serie A.

Didier Drogba is odds-on to leave so a convenient scenario is that he goes to the San Siuro and Zlatan Ibrahimovic comes the other way.

The Swede is said to be a Roman Abramovich favourite and has recently said that he favours a move to 'Spain or England'.

The problem with this idea is that Inter really want to keep Ibrahimovic and are prepared to offer big money to keep him. Another rumour is that Chelsea really want 17 year old Mario Balotelli, who has been filling in for the Swede recently.

Ibrahimovic can make an impact but his workrate is not at the same level as Drogba- set against that, he's younger and more explosive.

A straight swap is a possbility but many other clubs will be in the market as well for both forwards.

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"The Swede is said to be a Roman Abramovich favourite..."