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Friday, 11 July 2008

Amidst slavery jibes a cynical person would question Blatter's motives

That Sepp Blatter should use the word 'slavery' to describe poor old Cristiano Ronaldo's position at Manchester United is bad enough in itself; that, as reported in today's Guardian (11.07.2008) he is an horourary member of Real Madrid whilst saying it smacks of self-interest at best. If Blatter is making a comment at the behest of Real Madrid then clearly this would be a resigning issue - but Blatter would never fall pey to such a blatant conflict of interests.

Blatter's comments are part of a wider campaign against transfer fees by FIFA and UEFA for a variety of political and social reasons. That the campaign would necessarily hit English clubs hardest at this stage of the football cycle is also completely coincidental.

Also coincidental is FIFA and UEFA's recent focus on the debts of clubs - specifically English clubs. That Real Madrid would need a debt facility with Santander to buy Ronaldo is a tricky one. But in no way would it entail either a conflict of interests, if say Blatter then dropped the debt issue. At different times Real Madrid have had subsidies from the Spanish King, government and local government - sometimes engineered through the purchase of conveniently priced assets.

Obviously no-one questioned that kind of thing when Real were regal.

Also on the agenda is the six plus five proposal, whilst meritorious in itself would once again hit English clubs harder than most.

Anyone with a cynical mind would think that Sepp Blatter and Michel Platini had some sort of anti-English agenda going on. But clearly this is all part of a wider coincidence.


joseph gonzalez

no blater or platini should get involved in the english league they are there to distroy the english football how can anybody discrible the argument between man united and real madried for a player who is granted so cheap never trust a portuguese coin they have two faces on each side of the coin man united should sell cristiano for 80 millions

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