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Wednesday, 16 July 2008

Gareth Barry looks like the biggest loser of the transfer window

The transfer merry-go-round seems to have found an Anfield pivot in recent weeks. The proposed purchases of Gareth Barry and Robbie Keane are both foundering on valuations and funds - and it could come down to a choice between the two for Rafa Benitez; especially now that Juventus's purchase of Christian Poulsen probably ends their interest in Xabi Alonso.

Sales of Crouch, Guthrie, Carson, Pennant, Itandje and Finnan (not all yet completed) will probably yield about £22m; whereas the purchases of Cavalieri, Degen and Dossena have cost almost half that leaving a kitty of about £12m in broad terms (given the wide variety of payment schemes, the actual figure will be somewhere between £6m and £18m).

With Keane likely to cost £20m and Barry £18m unless the American owners have released £25m - £30m for new transfer costs it seems likely that without a significant sale, like Alonso, Rafa benitez will have to choose between Keane and Barry this summer. The sale of Crouch and the retention of Alonso would certainly point to Robbie Keane being preferable to Gareth Barry in terms of squad balance.

Gareth Barry returned to training with Villa today - and after gambling every scrap of fan loyalty on his dream move he could well be the biggest loser of the summer.



As a Spurs fan, I hope that Ramos offers Keane + 5m to Rafa for Alonso + Babel or for Mascherano or he sells Keane for Alonso + 5m. Keane is not worth 20m, I think that we'll be better off with one of these swaps and we then replace Keane by Huntelaar. We then force Berbatov to stay and have a world-class pairing of Berbatov & Huntelaar up front, with Bent and Pekhart supporting (or we sell Bent if we need the money, Dos Santos, Taarabt and Lennon can cover as forwards in case of dire need).


He could always buy out his contract or ask for a transfer in writing and call the 3 million the cost of doing business on his tax returns! Or, he can sit tight because Rafa will not let him hang although me thinks MON would! No compassion in that skinny body of MON.


They sold Riise for 4-5 million. That with Alonso for 14 million should see another 18-20 in addition to the 12 above. That is 30-32 million. That is pretty close to the 38 million needed(and I think that is a little high). Plus the amt of wages saved comes into the picture with more leaving than coming incl Kewell who was being paid a lot. If Rafa wants to do it I think he can pull it off.
I prefer breaking the bank for Silva and moving Babel alongside Torres.
That would put Mash, Gerrard, Kuyt and Silva in the middle and Babel/Torres up front.


I love the way you think NC Red...

I'd agree this would be a perfect lineup move for LFC. If it pans out... you should consider a job in Football if you aren't already involved. I'm a HUGE fan of Babel, it'd be interesting to see what he can accomplish with a full 90 with regularity up top.

I seriously think we're just one or two moves away from 19. Or we need one or two to step it up... either way... It's time for the winningest club to reclaim the top seat...

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