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Friday, 26 September 2008

Arsenal vs Hull City: Premier League Prediction Panel 2008/9 - previews and predictions

Arsenal fans are simply purring about the potential of the youth players that outplayed Sheffield United in the League Cup; to such an extent that Cesc Fabregas has expressed his desire to fight off young challengers to his place.  Well he is a veteran of 21 now so clearly past his best!  No doubt the impressive Jack Wilshere will get more chances this season, and as the two games he has been involved in have seen Arsenal win 4-0 and 6-0 he must think that the gameis easy.  But the established names will return for this match and with such bouyancy at the club there is huge expectation of a win against Hull.

Hull have started the season in the best form of the three promoted clubs and are starting to achieve the kind of points that could prove decisive when the inevitable dip comes in December/January.  Many promoted sides have momentum and players that are new to the top divisions scouts and so have a brief advantage; teams that take advantage of this honeymoon period can survive and Hull are clearly in that bracket at the moment.  Hull appear to be too open defensively to grind out a 0-0 against a team like Arsenal, so expect them to hunt for early goals.

Despite only one defeat from five game Hull have conceded 8 goals as they are happy to trade punches, this will be ideal for a clinical Arsenal team who will expect an easy win.

Arsenal vs Hull City; Kick Off 5:30pm, 27 Sep 2008

Prediction Panel
Our panel contains both Squarefootball writers and readers, the writers are marked: (sqf).

Tony Bellew : 3 - 1
Dave Blackburn : 3 - 0
Sue Gardener : 4 - 0
Chris Goodwin : 2 - 0
Paul Grech (sqf) : 4 - 0
Colin Illingworth (sqf) : 4 - 1
Hugh Larkin (sqf) : TBC
Peter Lee : 4 - 0
Don McMahon : 2 - 0
Antony Melvin (sqf) : 3 - 0
Stephen Orford (sqf) : 4 - 1
Tony Ratton : 3 - 1
Peter Rendle : 3 - 0
Dan Taylor : 4 - 1
Andy Wakeman : 4 - 0
Isaac Williams : 3 - 0
Mark Williams : 2 - 0

Panel Verdict
Every confirmed vote on the panel goes for a two or more goal win for Arsenal.

Home: 16; Draw: 0; Away: 0; TBC: 1;

Spread Betting
Can't see a better tip than betting on Arsenal goals, 3 or more will make a buy profitable.

Example: 20pts buy Arsenal goals at 2.8
No goals: You lose 56pts
1 goal: You lose 36pts
2 goals: You lose 16pts
3 goals: You win 4pts
4 goals: You win 24pts
5 goals: You win 44pts
6 goals: You win 64pts
and so on

* Do we have it right, or do you know better?  Please don't bother with derisory comments on the predictions after the match - unless you also pulled us up before it!


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