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Saturday, 20 September 2008

Juande Ramos is the right man for Spurs

All is not well down at the Lane. Tottenham's poor start to the season has left them rooted at the foot of the table and many fans are now doubting Juande Ramos's abilities as a coach - with some of them even calling for him to go. However, despite enduring their worst start in years, the majority of Spurs fans seem willing to give the former Seville boss time to turn things around.

Tottenham were supposed to be putting pressure on the top four for a much-coveted Champions League place this season. However, after just four games in they find themselves below the likes of Hull City and Stoke City with only one paltry point to their name. Spurs recorded their first win of the season against Wisla Krakow in the UEFA Cup on Thursday and the fans are hoping that they will be able to build on that result when Wigan visit on Sunday. But considering Tottenham have won only six Premier League games this calendar year others fear that it may be another false dawn.

However, lifelong fan Jo Ford insists Ramos, who guided the club to Carling Cup success last season, is the right man for the job and there's no need to panic just yet.

"Ramos is the right one to lead us forward and should be given time to sort things out. Those who want him sacked are being ridiculous. Sir Alex Ferguson took several years to get it right at Manchester United and he turned it around. No one is pointing the finger at them for being low down in the league.

"I feel disappointed that we are on the bottom of the table but it's to be expected with the late departures of Keane and Berbatov. I'm sure things will turn around soon. You have to be positive, that's part of being a Spurs supporter!"

And fellow supporter Michael Chibuzor agrees.

"Our current league position is upsetting, but it doesn’t really reflect how poorly we’ve played, I feel it reflects how tough the league has become.

"The board should stick with Juande Ramos regardless of our league position at the end of the season because continuity is really necessary. He needs the kind of faith the Toffees' board had in David Moyes when Everton were almost relegated."

However, Ramos has managed to get the fans' backs up with his baffling decision to rest players against Aston Villa ahead of their UEFA Cup clash and Jo hopes that Ramos puts out his strongest team against Wigan on Sunday.

"Ramos shouldn't rest any of his best stars unless they are injured. Aston Villa played a great game last Monday and ran rings round us I have to admit. We really have to up our game against Wigan and I hope Campbell starts as he played so well against Wisla Krakow and set up a goal for Bent. Shame we only have him for one season."

Michael concurs with Jo's opinion and thinks that Pavlyuchenko is going to take a long time to settle in to the hustle and bustle of the Premier League.

"I feel Ramos should have fielded a full strength team. The team selection wasn’t that bad though I would’ve liked to see more midfield battlers in that match maybe O’Hara and Jenas should’ve probably started because Barry and Ashley Young had too much space.

"No doubt all the new signings were good, but seeing Pavlyuchenko against Villa on Monday night, I pitied him because as a direct replacement for Berbatov, he probably doesn’t know the level of responsibility he has. He came up against the likes of Laursen and Barry in that game. He really has his work cut out for him in the Premiership."

A number of fingers have been pointed at who's at fault over Tottenham's poor start, ranging from the players, the manager and the board. However, Michael isn't one for placing blame on people and insists that the club have just been unlucky.

"I wouldn’t really blame any of them, I’d just blame luck. Look at it this way, Boro are a tough side any day - Liverpool was fortunate to beat them. Sunderland should technically have the same problems that Spurs has because they basically changed certain core players like we did. In fact, Cisse arrived a couple of days earlier only to net the winner. I feel if we had met one of the new comers, or maybe even a team in transition like Blackburn or Manchester City, we would’ve gotten good results and would’ve been high on confidence. Six or seven new players that may be low on confidence due to their league position after 4-5 games only can only spell doom for Spurs."

Jo, who felt betrayed by Robbie Keane leaving the club, agrees and says everything will be fine given time.

"There is no problem at the club. The team is new and needs time to gel together. Bent is scoring nearly every game now and we have a good goalie. Once Dos Santos, Modric and Pavyluchenko settle in everything will be fine." 

Unfortunately not everyone agrees. Some fans insist that Ramos has two games left to get the fans back on side and with Wigan at home on Sunday, crisis club Newcastle away in the Carling Cup in midweek and a visit to Portsmouth next weekend the vultures could well be circling over the Lane for fresh meat. And Michael admits that he can see it happening. 

"Two more bad games and Ramos might start getting what I call “The Martin Jol” treatment. Of course, I’ve never doubted Ramos’s ability, I feel the Spurs players will pick up with time and with teams like Fulham, West Brom, Stoke and Hull getting results from more established teams, hopefully the gap between top teams and lower teams won’t be too much."

Ramos brought a number of top international players to the club in the summer and it's bound to take time for everyone to get used to their new surroundings and strike up an understanding with their new teammates. Of course when you have players like Bentley, Modric and Bent at the club you expect them to shine from the off, but occasionally, for whatever reason, it just doesn't work. Ramos's record at Seville made him one of the most sought after coaches in Europe and he hasn't become a bad manager overnight. Likewise Spurs who blitzed everyone put before them in pre-season, have not become a poor club overnight. But Ramos must be made fully aware that if they fail to get a result against Wigan on Sunday then the calls for his head will only intensify from the long-suffering Tottenham fans.

Juande Ramos: Time to sack the Spaniard

* Calling all Spurs fans. Do you think Ramos should be given more time or is it time to cut your losses now? How would you assess the players that the Spaniard has brought to the club and let go? How confident are you that Ramos can turn your club's fortunes around? We'd love to hear from you.



sack him.........of course not!!

patience is a virtue.......has the world gone mad!

jimmy jimmy

I don't know what all the fuss is about. Ramos is an excellent manager and WILL turn things around. Look, if we were that bad we would be getting thrased. In our current form we only lost our games by a single goal and we drew against a top Chelsea at STAMFORD BRIDGE! We have a squad of very talented players and I still say we could still end up in the top 4!


"A number of fingers have been pointed at who's at fault over Tottenham's poor start, ranging from the players, the manager and the board."


Those who have broken the rules of football with their endless illegal tapping up and talking to clubs without permission

Sites like this
Dimitar Berbatov
Robbie Keane
Rafa Benitez
Man Utd
David Gill
Alex Ferguson

All should hang their heads in shame!

John Porter

Yes Juande Ramos should be given more time,he was not to blame for Keane and Berbatov leaving.
Before transfer window opened he expressed that we needed a striker and central defender, did Camoli not have his hearing switched on.
It was bad luck in having Alan Hutton injured,I feel we should play Gunter at right back with Chorluka in central defence or in front of the back four.


Give Ramos a chance. He's a top class manager and besides it's the players who perform on the pitch ultimately they are responsible for poor performances. Most of the current team are concerned with their pay packet instead of showing the pride and passion they should have when pulling on that Spurs shirt. We could do with finding a natural leader the like of Dave Mackay. Lastly if we are struggling to find our form and score lets get back to basics and build from defence. If we can't score make sure they don't.

Peter London

Spurs were lucky to get Ramos, and I don't recall a single player, manager, coach or informed pundit saying otherwise, then or since. I hope that he is at Tottenham for years, though it is likely that he will get attractive offers from other clubs in the Premier League and from across Europe in the next few years if they think he could be tempted to leave. Ramos signifies quality, one of the reasons that players see in Tottenham Hotspur the distinct chance of football success and consider whether that can be matched to their ambition, age, and stage in their playing career.

The whole campaign dedicated to rubbishing Ramos will not then start praising him when Spurs clock up more victories. Instead the campaigners will just go quiet, not to be heard of until the next rocky run. That's why the worse Spurs do under Ramos, the more these interests like it. His success can only show up their campaign as misguided. I wonder who they do support.

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