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Wednesday, 17 September 2008

Manchester United's form could point to more Champions' League glory

Manchester United started the season in high spirits after winning the Premier League and Champions' League titles last season; but the closest challenger in both tournaments, Chelsea, has started the season so well that there are already doubts as to whether United can win either trophy this time round.

Losing to Liverpool last weekend was bad enough, but the vagaries of the fixture list mean that three of the first four United league games would be away from home - with two of them against teams in the big four. And whereas Chelsea and Liverpool have started strongly United have only managed one win this season in normal time, and that a scrappy 1-0. So United are already playing catch-up in the league, with Chelsea in particular looking formidable.

Although United started last season in even worse form (draws with Reading and Portsmouth, plus defeat against Manchester City) - Chelsea did not seem as formidable and were in the process of a damaging regime change. So United were relatively OK.

This season add the newly rich Manchester City factor into the mix and any deficit that lingers into the new year could prove decisive.

The Champions' League will once again be easier to win this season than the Premier League because as long as the group stage is negotiated then good form in the second half of the season can secure the prize - obviously the league title requires excellence in many more games. With United off the pace in the league it could be that, like many recent Liverpool campaigns, the second half of the season is focused on cup tournaments.

With the Club World Championship likely to take focus away from league games in the crucial pre-Christmas period it would not be a surprise to see United 10 points adrift in league terms in the new year. In that case they would have a strong excuse to simply focus in on the cups and rest players in league games ahead of big cup games - a crucial plus point. This season I reckon that United are significantly more likely to win the Champions' League than the domestic title - and as a minimum surely a fourth final beckons.


Winning the CL? You must be joking. If they to perform this season they will be lucky to keep the fourth place in the BPL. The whole management team and the board are to be blame. Particulary the medical team. How can they allow so many injured player to continue carrying over their injuries from last season. You can also tell their form are not greayt either. Carrick and others are so easily get injuried that it proves their pre-season friendly are just a joke apart from money earning and PR commerical trip. I am sure Chelesa will beat MU this week by a great margin despite CR is back and by then the whole team confidence will at record low. Then facing another CL away trip. I am absolutely lost faith in SAF and see no chance at all of winning any trophies this seasons.

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