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Wednesday, 24 September 2008

Newcastle and Spurs and Icarus

The blinding light of the Champions' League has sent a number of teams crashing to their doom. Leeds flew too close to the sun in trying to consistently enter the competition and dropped into the third tier of English football a handful of years after appearing in the Champions' League semi-final. Chelsea were struggling with debts as Ken Bates tried to keep Chelsea aloft - and only the intervention of Roman Abramovich maintained the club's position.

And there will be more, as no doubt Manchester City will be expected to enter the Champions' League before the end of the decade. As five into four doesn't go someone will have to see if their financial plans survive a season or so in the UEFA Cup.

And there have been others, most notably Spurs and Newcastle.

Spurs finished fifth in consecutive seasons and then attempted to immediately replace Martin Jol when he suggested that moving further up the league would be very difficult; within months he was gone and his replacement, Juande Ramos, was only able to negotiate a mid-table finish last season (admittedly with a League Cup win). This season his team are rock-bottom of the Premier League.

Newcastle brought in Sam Allardyce barely a year ago. Allardyce immediately pushed Newcastle into the top half of the table, but the new owner simply hated his style of play and quickly replaced him with the expansive Kevin Keegan. Interestingly Keegan also voiced his doubts that Newcastle could fly as high as fourth, instead a more Daedalus-like eighth was his ambition. His relationship with Mike Ashley never recovered and a few months later Keegan was gone. Newcastle are now second bottom in the league.

Now the two meet in the League Cup, a competition that would provide some respite but could also distract them from getting vital league points. But surely Spurs and Newcastle are too good to go down so a run in the League Cup will be welcome as they inevitably gravitate to mid-table. Unless, like Icarus, their wings are already shot that is.



hi everyone....

if you havent already heard about this local group of north eastern business people, who along with a fan based stake in the club...are looking to revolutionize the way football clubs can be run. i am sick of the "sack the board" campaigns, McKeag then Fletcher. on top of that weve fought against being labelled as a "selling club" , or a "yo-yo club" add to that the swivel chair and revolving door antics of our managers (10 in the lasst 14 years...howay) well its crap innit....lets be honest....

so take out ten mins to read and if that interests you then do plz check the NUFC forum at our local newspaper Evening Chronicle, the man with the plan is called MAD PETE i know wind up/scam/bull shitter ...its an odd username, but Peter is one loyal and passionate business man whose commitment is second to none. heres the Vision of this consortuim, which is found on the webpage

Top flight football clubs in England are becoming increasingly disconnected from their core fan bases. More and more clubs are being bought out by foreign individuals and investment groups which do not have any ties to the local community. Along with this disconnection between ownership and community rising ticket prices are pricing many of the clubs core supporters out of the stadium. Our foremost goal is to bridge this growing divide.
Brief Plan Overview
We are hoping to get 300,000 fans to purchase one share for £1,000.00 each. The proposed foundation would be set up similar to Barcelona's with a European style President. Their would be a presidential election every 3 years. Each shareholder would have 1 vote in all elections. The fans would not directly run the club as qualified individuals would still be hired to run the club.

Note: We are hoping to get backing from several corporations and rich individuals so we will actually be able to raise more than amount directly contributed by the fans. These wealthy individuals will not be given more than 1 share and 1 vote for their contributions.

More Details Coming Soon...

Want to Find out More?
You can find out about the different levels of membership we plan to offer HERE.

Check other professional sports teams that are owned and run by their supporters HERE.

Supporting Fan Ownership of Newcastle United



Bill Urban

Not to in any way downplay the passion in toonfan's previous...

Were lager pints made available during Mike Ashley's flight too close to the sun?

Bill Urban

Joe Kinnear: Newcastle Manager?

Oh dear...

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