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Thursday, 25 September 2008

Squarefootball Prediction Panel, weekly commentary

Round 5
Mark Williams leads the way in week two picking 7 results and 2 correct scores from the 10 games; which brings him into mid-table overall after a forgettable first week. Squarefootball's Paul Grech follows up last weeks top spot with second place with 2 scores and 5 results correct; the same mark as Dan Taylor.

The back markers this week are Don McMahon and Chris Goodwin who picked two results out of ten with no correct scores and Tony Bellew who picked four results in total.

A better week for the panel with 47% of results chosen correctly and 10% of scores. Again the Squarefootball writers outperformed the readers:

sqF Writers: 48%/13%
sqF Readers: 46%/9%

Round 5 Table:

%correct score / %correct results
20/70 Mark Williams
20/50 Paul Grech
20/50 Dan Taylor
10/60 Dave Blackburn
10/60 Isaac Williams
10/60 Peter Lee
10/60 Antony Melvin
10/50 Andy Wakeman
10/40 Colin Ill'worth
10/40 Stephen Orford
10/40 Sue Gardener
10/40 Tony Ratton
10/40 Tony Bellew
10/20 Chris Goodwin
10/20 Don McMahon

Squarefootball's Paul Grech remains top and his inspired predictions including Liverpool's 0-0 with Stoke got him second place in week two; Dan Taylor moves up into second after finishing third in week two and a joint fourth week for Squarefootball's Antony Melvin keeps him in the top three.

At the bottom Tony Bellew remains rooted to the bottom; and with Peter Rendle not involved Don McMahon, Chris Goodwin, Squarefootball's Colin Illingworth and Sue Gardener are all in relegation trouble.

In the readers versus writers battle; the writers have extended their lead picking 50% of results correctly and 14% of scores; compared to 41% and 8% for the readers.

Overall table:

%correct score / %correct results
25/65 Paul Grech
20/55 Dan Taylor
15/60 Antony Melvin
15/50 Isaac Williams
10/55 Andy Wakeman
10/50 Peter Lee
10/45 Mark Williams
10/45 Stephen Orford
10/30 Peter Rendle
5/45 Dave Blackburn
5/40 Tony Ratton
5/35 Sue Gardener
5/35 Chris Goodwin
5/35 Colin Ill'worth
0/30 Don McMahon
0/25 Tony Bellew


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