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Saturday, 13 September 2008

Wigan Athletic vs Sunderland: Premier League Prediction Panel 2008/9 - previews and predictions

There seems to be a meeting of former Manchester United players turned managers every week; and this weeks clash sees a head to head between the battered visage of Steve Bruce and the all too well preserved features of Roy Keane.  Bruce seems to have his team going in the direction he wants and the inspired deal to bring in Zaki looks very good business right now and the partnership between Heskey and Zaki could be the surprise hit of the season.  Bruce stated yesterday that 'it's one of those games you can't afford to lose' - and I think that Wigan will again defend and look to hit Sunderland on the break - a tactic that paid dividends at Hull last time out.

Roy Keane has gone on record as saying that he felt his team was bullied in losing 3-0 last time they went to Wigan - and that it won't happen again.  A clear indicator that this could be a bruising low-scoring affair.  Sunderland are in the early season relegation zone and will be happy to grab a point and start moving up the table. 

As Bruce pointed out this is a game neither side can afford to lose, and seems to have 0-0 written all over it.

Wigan Athletic (13) vs Sunderland (18); Kick Off 3pm, 13 September 2009

Prediction Panel
Our panel contains both Squarefootball writers and readers, the writers are marked: (sqf).

Tony Bellew: 1-2
Dave Blackburn: 2-0
Sue Gardener: 0-2
Chris Goodwin: 0-1
Paul Grech (sqf): 0-0
Hugh Larkin (sqf): TBC
Colin Illingworth (sqf): 2-1
Peter Lee: 1-1
Don McMahon: 1-3
Antony Melvin (sqf): 0-0
Stephen Orford (sqf): 0-0
Tony Ratton: 2-2
Peter Rendle: 3-0
Dan Taylor: 3-2
Andy Wakeman: 2-1
Isaac Williams: 1-1
Mark Williams: 1-0

Panel Verdict
The panel are at a loss here with all three results and every conceivable score backed strongly, with 5 goal thrillers and no score draws both favoured.

Home: 6; Draw: 6; Away: 4; TBC: 1; mode score: 0-0 or 2-1

Spread Betting
The referee today is Rob Styles who is one of the stricter referees issuing 8 yellow cards in two matches to date; only Chris Foy has been stricter.  So it is a surprise to see the bookings market priced at less than four yellow cards in a game that could be a bruiser.  A buy on bookings looks interesting.

Example: 1pts buy Bookings at 38
No bookings: You lose 38pts
2 yellows: You lose 18 pts
4 yellows: You win 2 pts
6 yellows: You win 22 pts
8 yellows: You win 42 pts
10 yellows and a red: You win 87 pts
and so on

* Do we have it right, or do you know better? Please don't bother with derisory comments on the predictions after the match - unless you also pulled us up before it!


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