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Tuesday, 16 September 2008

Would Spurs have benefited financially by selling Berbatov earlier for less money?

For some time in the summer the departures of Robbie Keane and Dimitar Berbatov from Tottenham seemed inevitable; only the price was a deciding factor. The Spurs hierarchy settled on £20.3m plus an apology for Keane but spun out the Berbatov transfer to the final hour of the window - but at what cost to the team? A dispirited Berbatov was unavailable for selection and without his transfer cash confirmed the replacements were similarly delayed.

As a result the traditional pre-season optimism of Spurs fans that this season they will have the big four on the run is now evaporating. It is little surprise to see Spurs struggle to settle into a rhythm with a bunch of talented players who have not had time to get to know each other. No doubt by Christmas Spurs will be flying and can justify my own pre-season prediction of a seventh placed finish on 53-58 points - but the current problems may take some time to overcome.

Pre-season optimism forced Sporting Index to price Spurs season points at 59.5 - 61 points, but after just four games they have knocked 5.5 points of the likely Spurs total to 54-55.5. Given a likely Spurs rally in the next few weeks this is now starting to look like a decent buy price

Juande Ramos appears to be taking the issues in his stride even if he is blaming the start squarely on the transfer window dealings:

"We had very little time to prepare - Corluka, Pavlyuchenko and Frazier Campbell are new to the club and haven't really had time. We are behind in our preparations. We need to keep the spirit going and climb as high up the table as possible."

One can blame the buying clubs for wanting Spurs players (and in the same way the clubs that Spurs have picked players and the manager from have complained) - but where does that get anyone?

In taking Manchester United for £30.75m Daniel Levy got the best financial deal for Spurs; but the timing of the deal has had inevitable complications and has disrupted the start of the season as the manager had to deal with a major player who didn't want to be there and a delay in the recruitment of replacements.

It is possible that an earlier deal for less money would have resulted in a more competitive team at this stage of the season and a higher league finish; and a higher league finish may have completely offset the transfer fee difference in any case.


RedLey King

earlier sale would have only been beneficial if they had signed one or two more strikers early enough to gel with the team in time for the START of the season.


Couldn't agree more. I'd have been happy with 22million for him, double our money. Could have possibly got Huntelaar if we tried early enough, instead all of the Levy's time was taken up with a) getting the highest price for Berbs and b) threatening Liverpool and Man U over tapping up.

Pavleychenko and Bent up from just aren't good enough.....


Of course we should have sold Berbatov earlier but we probably would have been £5m lighter ( Saying that we may lose that at the end of the season with the final league position award ).
Levy took a risk and it is'nt going to plan.
The team it must be said look seriously lightweight in the middle of the park and last night was thefirst game in ages that i have cringed with the ease Villa werecarving us up straight through the middle ( no resistance , no decisive tackling ).
Ramos will get them playing his brand of football and at times we knocked it around well but that is ok until we lose the ball as this team has to work more effectively to get it back.
Huddlestone can pass but for someone of his size it's shocking that he is only a luxury player - he must be told show us you can tough it out in midfield / bye.
Modric is really struggling as he is not blessed with pace and would find it difficult to stop on coming midfielders.
Finally Dawson tries hard but he can't play without Ledley so it has to be Corluka in the middle with Woody when Ledley is out and Gunter at right back until Hutton returns.
I have kissed goodbye to this season and hope we can have a good cup run and bring in two quality defensive midfielders plus Berbatovs replacement only until then should we expect anywhere near champions league football.

Ps Ramos must play his first team for games like last night. Got a feeling he underestimated Villa or thought too much of us.

It wasn't primarily about getting the best price for Berbatov, but the mistaken belief that with new players coming in he would change his mind and stay.Unfortunately for Tottenham he wasn't interested. What really saddens me is that the player who really did want to stay and play for Spurs wasn't given a go and finally packed up and went to play for Harry, who appreciates him. The signing of Bent and the sacking of Jol were the catalysts for the current disaster. Now some morons are already talking about sacking Ramos. What and sell the whole bloody team off and start again? Is this what building a team for the future is all about? If Spurs don't stop this manager/player merry go round they will be playing Championship not Champions League.

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