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Saturday, 04 October 2008

Everton vs Newcastle United: Premier League Prediction Panel 2008/9 - preview and predictions

David Moyes tenure at Everton is looking increasingly likely to end this season as another European adventure has been cut far too short and Moyes ongoing refusal to extend his contract can only lessen his players respect.  When a boss is coy about whether he wants to stay how can he motivate his players?  Fortunately for Everton playing Newcastle holds few fears, but another rancid performance in Europe needs to be forgotten if this match isn't to deteriorate into one where neither side is good enough - or confident enough - to win it.

Joe "you're a c***" Kinnear has risked, nay encouraged, ridicule with his widely reported foul-mouthed tirade against the fourth estate.  How can he expect any kind of positive press during his undoubtedly short period in charge of Newcastle now?  Perhaps it will do his team a favour though, because undoubtedly the focus has shifted away from the ramshackle performances that has left Newcastle in a relegation scrap - even if we are only six games in.  Players recruited from champion sides like Michael Owen, Nicky Butt, Alan Smith and Damien Duff must wonder what on earth is going on; and quite frankly a draw would be a wonderful result even against a struggling Everton team.

Everton must start as favourites as Newcastle simply look like a club that is angling for a long losing streak, but neither side look likely to win games at the moment.

Everton vs Newcastle United; Kick Off 4:00pm 05 Oct 2008

Prediction Panel
Our panel contains both Squarefootball writers and readers, the writers are marked: (sqf).

Tony Bellew : 1 - 0
Dave Blackburn : 3 - 1
Sue Gardener : 0 - 0
Chris Goodwin : TBC - TBC
Paul Grech (sqf) : 2 - 1
Colin Illingworth (sqf) : 1 - 1
Hugh Larkin (sqf) : 2 - 0
Peter Lee : 1 - 0
Don McMahon : 2 - 1
Antony Melvin (sqf) : 3 - 1
Stephen Orford (sqf) : 2 - 1
Tony Ratton : 2 - 1
Peter Rendle : 2 - 2
Dan Taylor : 2 - 0
Bill Urban (sqf) : 3 - 3
Andy Wakeman : 2 - 0
Isaac Williams : 2 - 0
Mark Williams : 1 - 1

Panel Verdict
No-one is going with Newcastle at the moment, but although the majority are expecting an Everton win in a high scoring game a significant minority are going with a score draw.

Home: 12; Draw: 5; Away: 0; TBC: 1;

Spread Betting
Neither of these teams look like keeping a clean sheet at the moment, and with both managers trying to generate some kind of siege mentality this could be a game with a few bookings.  But more likely is that it will be a game with a few goals.

Example: 20pts buy Total goals at 2.7
No goals: You lose 54pts
1 goal: You lose 34pts
2 goals: You lose 14pts
3 goals: You win 6pts
4 goals: You win 26pts
5 goals: You win 46pts
6 goals: You win 66pts
and so on

Bookings: 10pts per yellow, 25pts per red, 35pts max per player

Example: 1pts buy Bookings at 40
No bookings: You lose 40pts
2 yellows: You lose 20 pts
4 yellows: You lose 0 pts
6 yellows: You win 20 pts
8 yellows: You win 40 pts
10 yellows and a red: You win 85 pts
and so on

* Do we have it right, or do you know better?  Please don't bother with derisory comments on the predictions after the match - unless you also pulled us up before it!


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