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Monday, 06 October 2008

Still time for a good season for Tottenham

There is an increasingly vocal minority in support of change in the management team at Spurs, even if the sentiment was unpopular a few weeks ago and the people prepared to back the manager have gone a bit quiet. But the talk of a crisis is ridiculously overblown, even if the latest defeat against Hull was a shock. The season is just seven games old and there is still time for Spurs to finish in the top half and have a great run in the UEFA and FA Cups - which would represent a good season by recent Spurs standards.

I don't agree that Spurs should now go into some kind of 'survival' mode. I'm not even sure that the players are the type that are ready to lump players and ball with equal disdain - if you buy a sring of racehorses they will not take kindly to pulling a cart. It is fair to say that the players are not working well together, but teams take time to build. And Juande Ramos may be odds on for the sack, but Daniel Levy is certainly bolshy enough to give him more time.

Looking at the next five games the next two immediately suggest points, neither Stoke nor Bolton ever make things easy but at least they are also struggling towards the bottom of the table. No-one will need motivating for the trip to The Emirates and it would suit Tottenham's contrary nature to get something there. After that anything against Liverpool at home will feel like a bonus and Man City are already looking fragile.

Sun Oct 19: Stoke City (away)
Sat Oct 25: Bolton Wanderers (home)
Wed Oct 29: Arsenal (away)
Sat Nov 1: Liverpool (home)
Sat Nov 8: Manchester City (away)

The next match at Stoke must be treated like a cup final, it is winnable if Spurs show the resolve that it is well capable of but has rarely shown since seeing off Chelsea in the League Cup Final. And once the first league win is there more will undoubtedly follow. It is probably too late for a top six finish but to reiterate a solid mid-table finish and a good run in the cups would make a good season for those Spurs fans who are still not burdened by overblown expectations.


Mark J

"Dillusions of Grandeur"

I think that would be one way to sum up Spurs. If memory serves me correctly, in Oct 2007, coming off of back-to-back 5th place finishes, we had Robbie Keane, Dimitar Berbatov, Jermain Defoe, and Darren Bent. In January of 08' we sold Defoe to Portsmouth. During the off-season, we lost Berbatov and Keane, leaving Bent.

Everyone in the world knew that Berbatov was leaving for Man Utd, it was just a question of time. For Spurs not to get another striker was ludicrous. As a last ditch effort, we pickup Pavyluchenko, only to have Gus Poyet say that Pavyluchenko and Bent were getting in each others way, as they are the same type of striker. Was there no scouting done? we didn't know this before hand?

When you take 40+ goals off of a team and replace it with "zip", this the result. Teams in the Premier League can play, and if you don't show up to play, you get your butt handed to you week-after-week.

There is already speculation of numerous teams planning offers for Spurs better players in January, and unless they turn it around, you'll need a guide book to know the players left in February.

Daniel Levy is a meddling fool, we have one over here in America. Daniel Snyder owns the Washington Redskins and was under the impression that if you throw big money at over the hill players that you could win a Championship. It seems as though Levy has the same philosophy, with the Spurs squad looking like a bus stop.'s our Manager doing at Hamburg, you know....the one who took us to 5th place and a bad restaruant short of the Champions League?....oh yeah, Hamburg is in 1st place.



Who is this fool writing this tosh?! Overblown expectation? Yes Berba and Robbie have gone but for the money we have spent over the years I think it's fair to expect something more than mid-table! Fan's of (and no offence) Bolton, Blackburn, Boro etc are not 'burdened by overblown expectations' and would possibly welcome a mid-table season.

Are the majority of Spurs fans then deluded? The fact is no matter how 'big' your club is success is not a divine right. We know this and have experienced this fact but the fact we are one of the biggest spending clubs year after year maybe we should expect more than MID-TABLE!!


I think a good run in the cups and a mid-table finish would be a good season for Spurs in 2008/9 - a bad season will see them play Stoke again next season, as well as the likes of Plymouth, Bristol City and Derby.

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