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Sunday, 05 October 2008

The New Newcastle Owners Shouldn't Reappoint Kevin Keegan

The various consortiums jostling to take over Newcastle United appear to be making placatory noises about bringing Kevin Keegan back to the managerial seat at St James's Park. It is a step they should only take if they have big, deep pockets.

It is a long time to the next transfer window and the team need a leader who can get the best out of the players at their disposal- this has never been Kevin Keegan's forte. His strengths are encouraging good players to operate with freedom and attracting top talent to his club by force of personality.

Minute organsation on the training ground, defensive systems and tactical adaptability are rather less high up on his CV. In his successful incarnations Keegan has been the leader of a crusade, sweeping the opposition aside by sheer weight of talent, usually purchased with a huge chequebook.

At Newcastle and Fulham he took positions by storm- but to continue the military analogy, he's far less the man to endure a siege. Unless the new owners - whoever they may be- are prepared to let the former England boss loose with a huge war chest, they should look for someone else.

Even if they did provide the former manager with massive funds, it's doubtful whether enough top quality players can be attracted to the North-East any more. The stock of the club has fallen so low that mature players with talent will question whether they can trust the peak years of their careers to this organisation.

A steady rebuild is the requirement and that description doesn't seem likely to fit Kevin Keegan's ambitions. Far better for all concerned- owners, fans and players- to accept that the Keegan era is closed and bring in the best professional coach that can be hired.

No other side in the Premiership demands a leader who is either a Geordie, or former playing hero- none of the 'Big 4' are under stewardship of men who remotely fit that description. Ideally, Newcastle need a manager who is not caught up in the traditions of the club and can take objective, ruthless decisions.

Any of us who are neutrals hope to see Kevin Keegan back in the game again because when his style works the results are glorious to watch. It just shouldn't be with Newcastle United at this time, under these conditions.


Dennis Means

I totally disagree with the above because the club needs a proper manager who if that person wants to bring in coaches has that right, a good example is martin oniel.

Keegan needs to be given a remit and then needs to stick with a massive rebuild. so he can then hand it on to another man (AS) IN 3-4 years time

Gracelino Camacho

Erm not "he's far less the man to endure a siege" is he? he took us through the bleakest days in our club's history so that doesn't wash with me and had Ashley throught less about his ego and more about his reputation and the club then we wouldn't be having this discussion.
Keegan spent nothing this time around and yet he built a team that looked organised, efficient and capable of getting good results.
I'm not a Keegan apologist, i'd have preferred he stuck it out until the next transfer window but why should he put up with boardroom interference and incompetence?
We needed a creative midfielder and cover at full back and got neither, we needed cover for Milner but sold him (and against Keegan's wishes) so late we had no time to replace him.
Wise should resign now.


Have to say I also hope there will be no further resurection of KK, but not for the reasons mentioned above, which are built on heresay and personal opinion, with little fact.
Truth is Newcastle fans are sick and tired of literary morons like yourself, pontificating on about the club, as if you had clue one about the subject.
So why dont you justF**k off and try another line, as its obvious to all you have no future as a wordsmith, ok !

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