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Sunday, 26 October 2008

Your views on Harry Redknapp's shock decision

Harry Redknapp stunned the football world this morning by deciding to leave FA Cup holders Portsmouth for north London strugglers Tottenham Hotspur. The former West Ham and Bournemouth boss has replaced Juande Ramos at White Hart Lane and should be in the dugout for today's game against Bolton Wanderers. But what do you make of the decision?

Spurs fans: Are you happy that Ramos, Comolli and Poyet have all been dismissed and are you pleased to have Redknapp in charge? Do you think he is the right man to get Spurs away from the foot of the table? Do you think Defoe could soon be on his way back to White Hart Lane?

Portsmouth fans: How do you feel about Redknapp's decision to walk out on you for a second time? How concerned are you about the club's financial situation? Do you think this could be the end of an era? Who would you like to see replace Redknapp at Fratton Park? Do you wish Redknapp all the best in his new job?

We'd love to hear from you.



I have to say i am gutted Sr Ramos and Gus have been sacked!!! they were dropped in the sh!t from the start of the season with levyscum and comolliscums ineptitude in the transfer deals!!! how can you blame a manager who does not have 1 single player who can find the back of the net??? levy and comolli are 100 per cent responsible for this fkn mess, and they are the only 2 who should have been replaced!!! Berbacunt should be playing in the Spurs reserve team now, until January when i would have sold him to Barca for 25 mill and we still would not have lost as much money as we are now in having to pay-off 4 members of staff who are now contributing fuck all to getting us out of this sh!t!!!! levy is a gutless cnt, who sees pound signs before he sees a football, and should be gone!! we do not need this useless prick running things!! He is a boy doing a mans job, and joe lewis had better grow a pair of bollox and replace this cnt for 2009 season!!!! all the excuses about why trhe club have ended up bottom of the prem are all pie in the fkn sky as far as im concerned!!! Take a fukkin good look at Hull City and tell me levycunt has a clue?!


From a Spurs fans prospective this is exactly what we need , a good old fashioned English manager with vast experience not only in football but the Premier league and surviving it.

This is going to be a tough season for the club but i honestly believe with Arry in charge and Camoli finally out of the way we will get out of this mess , something i never thought possible under Ramos.I would have liked to see Gus stay on as Harry`s assistant but also understand the need for a clean sweep. Yet another change in direction for the club and we can only hope that maybe just maybe they got it right this time.

Hopefully now Defoe will come back to the Lane and along with a few more GOOD signings Harry can stabalise the club before we can start looking ahead. This isnt an instant fix BUT with what us Fans have had to put up with since the summer i think now there is atleast a glimmer of hope !


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