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Thursday, 26 November 2009

The end of my Liverpool grieving process

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I'm beginning to get over it now. The midweek thing. I'm always being told to 'get over it', so I am.

It's ok. Really. We can concentrate on winning the league now we're out of the European Cup. There's a stat somewhere that suggests winning the league is more do-able if you're out of the European cup early doors, I think. Which brings me nicely to the weekend. Oh how I can't wait. How I can't wait to watch X Factor minus those twins !

That and the small matter of the Mersey derby. I'll stop here before I think of any more comparisons between Jedward and Liverpool-Everton !

So now we look forward to Everton. Actually, we don't. Well, I don't anyway. Evertonians everywhere are licking their lips at the prospect of playing us and having the rare opportunity of winning their annual 'cup final'. Even Evertonians are saying that they're so bad at the moment, that even Liverpool can beat them !

So unless Torres makes his comeback on Sunday and Aquilani gets a start, I think we might struggle. No really. Everton are famous for raising their game against Liverpool - even on their worst form. Most of the Evertonians that I know can't wait for Sunday. However, one thing that people might not think about, is how Liverpool will be licking their wounds and how they might take it out on Everton this Sunday. People have no idea. I have no idea. Will the real Liverpool please stand up ? Hull beating Everton midweek and Phil Neville's bad news on his injury is positive for Liverpool fans. Although, let's not forget Tim Cahill who always plays well in the derby. Unless he's injured too ?

So between now and May is when every Liverpool player will be playing for their future at the club. Babel doesn't deserve a future at Liverpool or on Twitter, in my opinion, so no big loss if he's sold in January.  Apart from Reina, Gerrard, Carragher, Torres and Aquilani, nobody is safe in my opinion. Not even Maschareno. Then again, football's worst kept secret is that Liverpool's Monster is Barcelona bound before/after the World Cup ! Just this scary thought should inspire our fringe players to a spirited fightback to our lost season.

As Rafa says, Liverpool have "quaality" and they'll "chances". Here's hoping anyway. With hope, in my heart, we'll never walk alone. Nor shall any Liverpool fans reading this. Fingers crossed for a Liverpool, Barca (v R.Madrid) and...dare I say it...Chelsea (v. Arse) treble on Sunday. I say Chelsea so that they can run away with the title from Man Utd and also dent Arsenal's progress as they are Liverpool's main rivals for that 'gold plated' 4th spot.

Yes, 4th. After all, Moses did say "come forth". So Liverpool might.

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