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Wednesday, 25 November 2009

The morning after 'Pool

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The morning after.

Usually for me the worst come down after a night like that. Being a Liverpool fan I've not had THAT many disastrous nights, so have to take it on the chin and let the other minnows have their day-like every dog.

So all the good deeds that I carried out before the match went to waste. Or maybe they're being saved for Everton ?  Maybe they were only enough to beat Debreceni ?  Maybe I'm talking rubbish ? Karma, like the proverbial shopping trolley, has a mind of its own !

It does still pain, however. Like being dumped by a fit bird 'cos you were late for a date. Like being dumped by a fat bird 'cos you ate her pudding. Like failing an exam that you started revising for the night before. Like getting your car clamped while you're still sat in the car ! You get the gist. All self inflicted and all of the above applies to Liverpool FC...because it's our own fault we were in that situation.

Did Lyon turn up last night ? I don't think so. Did Fiorentina deserve to win ? Of course they did. Did the Italians and French collude to carving up Liverpool ? No chance. Unfortunately. I wouldn't mind sitting here with that dark cloud comfortably settled over my head, blaming anything but us for last night...but I can't. The truth of the matter is that we dug our own grave many weeks ago. Last night was too little too late.

Gutted is a good enough description for Liverpool, but then so is pathetic. Wallowing in self pity isn't something we're good at, so onwards and upwards...I couldn't imagine anything further downwards. Hell no. Please no. God no. God is a Liverpool fan, no ?

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