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Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Manchester City: Tevez, Telephones and Tedium

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I'm not sure what's been worse over the last week or so, the phone hacking scandal or the Tevez transfer saga?Maybe if the News Of The World was still in existence it could report, with its "tele-pathic" powers, where Tevez will be moving to?

If I were a Manchester City fan I would just like to see the whole debacle sorted out ahead of the first game of the season. With their first season in the Champions League and a push to challenge for their first Premier League title, City will not want any unnecessary distractions off the field.

Pictured meeting an Inter Milan exec whilst on holiday recently could mean Italy is the favoured destination for Tevez. I'm not convinced that this solves the "closer to his family in argentina" problem though? It would however solve the "wet Manchester" problem. I just hope he realises the weather in Milan, although milder, still rains and snows . . .let's hope he remembers to pack his snood!

Mancini himself admits to not having spoken to the want away striker since May and is highly unlikely to feature in the traditional season curtain opener, the Community Shield on August 7. The head-to-head between the two mancunian rivals could be a gauge of how well the blue half can cope without their "main man".

Manchester United will no doubt want to send out a message to the rest of the league with a strong performance. Much like a peacock displaying their feathers, they'll be in no mood to give up their title of Champions and look to re-write history with a record breaking 20 league titles. Is Tevez really such a talisman for Manchester City? Will he be missed? Where will Tevez go? Will it be South America or just somewhere south of the M62?

Whatever your views are on the Tevez transfer debacle, I'd love to hear from you.

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