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Sunday, 24 July 2011

What five things would you do before the season starts?

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Isn’t it normally New Years' Eve when you get a top 100 favourite moments of the year or top 500 best movie credits or some other poor excuse for a programme? Well I thought I would also use it as a poor excuse for an article, but rather than boring you all with a list consisting of 100 or more items I thought I would stick with just five. 

The top five things, in no particular order, to do before the season starts are:

1. "Un-follow" any players you are following on Twitter – let the football do the talking this season. For some players having just 30 plus thousand followers on a Saturday in person is all they need (continue to follow Squarefootball though!)

2. Build your expectations up – so when the season ends in disappointment the following season will surely be an improvement. (Speaking as a Leeds fan!)

3. Put your bets in now for the first managerial movements of the season – how many to go before Christmas? Any out of the Premier League for starters?

4. Ensure your family/partner/friends are all aware of the currently scheduled televised games, cancelling previous engagements, stocking up on food and drink and renewing/subscribing to Sky Sports.

5. More importantly than the point above . . . get to the ground more often if you’re only able to make occasionally. Once or twice is better than never!

6. Yes for those more observant amongst you this is a sixth but a worthy one   .  . . Make a pledge to read Squarefootball on a daily basis!

Do you agree? Are there five things you do before every season, any routine? Who will the first manager to face the axe be, or why not give your top five?!

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