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Wednesday, 07 September 2011

Top 10 bizarre injuries to footballers

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Swansea City’s vice-captain Alan Tate is set to miss most of the Swans’ debut season in Premier League after breaking his leg in a freak golfing accident. The versatile defender was a passenger in a golf buggy that lost control and Tate will have to watch the majority of the club’s rollercoaster adventure from the stands. But the proud Welshman isn’t the only footballer to have sustained a bizarre injury off the pitch.

Here are the top 10 bizarre injuries to footballers:

10. Dave Beasant

They say you have to be mad to be a goalkeeper well the former Wimbledon and Chelsea shot-stopper certainly proved that was the case in 1993 when he was ruled out for eight weeks by dropping a bottle of salad cream. Beasant, who will be remembered for his FA Cup penalty save against Liverpool’s John Aldridge in 1988, just couldn’t keep his hands on the sauce, dropping the bottle on his foot and severing the tendon in his big toe.

9. Santiago Canizares

Staying with goalkeepers and big toes, the former Spanish number one Canizares missed the 2002 World Cup after he shattered a bottle of aftershave in his hotel sink. A shard of glass managed to spin out of the sink and embed itself in his foot. Spain didn’t miss Canizares in the group stages, winning every game, but they could have done with him in the quarter-finals as they lost to South Korea on penalties.

8. Darius Vassell

A popular misconception of footballers is that they are as thick as two short planks. But while Burnley defender Clarke Carlisle has tried to change that view by appearing on Countdown, former Aston Villa hitman Darius Vassell needs to take a good long hard look at himself. While at Villa, Vassell was struggling with a swollen toe, but instead of resting or going to see the club doctor, he took matters into his own hands. He went into his toolbox, picked up a power drill and foolishly drilled through his own nail. Needless to say, Vassell missed a number of games after picking up an infection.

7. Derek Lyle

In March 2008, the Dundee striker was building up to one of his biggest games of his career, a Scottish Cup quarter-final clash with Queen of the South. However, a glass table put paid that after he fell through it in his own home. The current Hamilton marksman required 16 stitches. To add insult to injury the Dens Park men lost to Queen of the South who made it to the final. It could have been so different for Lyle.

6. Kevin Kyle

Staying in Scotland, in 2006 the current Hearts and former Sunderland striker was ruled out of action by his eight-month old son. Now you may be wondering what on earth can an eight-month old child can do to harm a professional footballer. Well, how about kicking a jug of boiling hot water over his crotch?! Yeah, I can see you grimacing just at the thought of it.

5. Lee Hodges

Now everyone reading this knows you have to be careful when you drop the soap in the showers, but I bet Lee Hodges now wishes he had been brave enough to pick the bar up. The former Barnet player slipped on a bar of soap and ended up pulling his groin. Dirty boy.

4. Alan Mullery

Now brushing your teeth doesn’t seem that dangerous. I mean we do it twice a day, you’d have thought we’d got to use to it at some stage. Unfortunately former Spurs and England midfielder Alan Mullery is the exception. In 1964 he missed a tour of South Africa after putting his back out while tending to his pearly whites. Blimey. How hard does he brush his teeth?!

3. Darren Bernard

Now they say you should never work with children or animals on television, but the same should be said for footballers too. Kevin Kyle was in hot water due to his son, but former Barnsley ace Darren Bernard was sidelined for five months by a puppy. The poor mutt had a leak on the kitchen floor and Bernard slipped right in it. It turned out to be no laughing matter though for Bernard who tore a ligament in his knee and spent the best part of the season watching from the stands. And what’s the moral of this tale? Get your dogs house trained ASAP!

3. Charlie George

The Arsenal legend has a great eye for the goal, unfortunately the same can’t be said for lawnmowers. The 1971 FA Cup winner and hat-trick hero for Derby against Real Madrid in 1975 is believed to have had an argument with a lawnmower and there’s only going to be one winner in that battle. Some claim he chopped off his big toe, others claim it was a finger. Either way it’s bloody stupid!

2. Kirk Broadfoot

The Scotland and Rangers defender has been left with egg on his face plenty of times during his career but in 2009 an exploding egg meant he had to pay a visit to A&E. The former St Mirren man was inspecting some poached eggs he had slammed in the microwave when one blew up and squirted hot water in his face. Still, it could have happened to anyone . . . as fate had it though it couldn’t have happened to a nicer bloke!

1.   Svein Grondalen

The Norwegian defender was forced to miss an international match in the 1970s following the most bizarre accident of all time. Grondalen was out jogging ahead of the big clash when he failed to spot a moose approaching him and smashed into the big beast. You should have gone to Specsavers mate! If Grondalen couldn’t spot a moose in front of him Emile Heskey would have had a field day.

Well that’s our top 10 list of the most bizarre injuries to footballers. Have you ever suffered a bizarre injury on or off the pitch? We’d love to hear from you.

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