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Wednesday, 06 June 2012

Everton: Three players David Moyes should consider signing

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Mikel Arteta, Royston Ricky Drenthe, Steven Piennar . . . these are just a few names that spring to mind when thinking about the creative influences that Everton Football Club have a had on the pitch over the past couple of years.

One thing they all have in common is that none of them, at least most probably, won't return. And yes that even includes Steven Piennar, who all Toffees are hoping will stay this summer, but knowing Everton's precarious financial situation that is most probably not going to happen.

The problem is who can possibly replace these fine talents that will cost Everton next to nothing? Well I've put my scouting hat on and these are the people who I believe could improve Everton. 

1. Manuel Fernandes

Manny is a player who I believe could completely change Everton's style of play for the better. We start playing more football on the ground and direct, rather than crossing it from the over lapping full backs and hoping someone will nod it in. What else? He is on a free and only 26 years of age. His ability to find and produce the killer pass in a game is nothing short of magical and this was clearly evident at least with his first spell at the Blues. What was also evident was his strength and pure determination to win the ball, as can be seen in his game against Arsenal.


What a great addition he would make to the Everton midfield, maybe playing in an advanced role of a midfield three consisting of him, Fellaini and Gibson. So that's Manuel Fernandes, I just hope his wage demands don't become a stumbling block.

Here is another little highlights package of what Fernandes can do.


2. Hugo Rodallega

Rodallega is a player who had a very hot and cold time at Wigan Athletic. Bought in from Necaxa, in the Mexican first division, he already had a very good goalscoring record, even though he occasionally played on the wing. In 2009 he was bought to Wigan by Steve Bruce and went on to score 24 goals in 110 appearances in a relatively poor Wigan team. Now the question is, what can he bring to Everton? Well first things first, he is on a free. Second, maybe he is the solution to our troubling right side? And he can also provide great cover for the prolific Jelavic. Also with him playing for Wigan, his previous wage would not have been too demanding. So is Rodallega the solution to our troublesome right hand side? 


3. Mohammed Diame

Known for his combative defensive displays, Momo Diame is an absolute talent and being at the age of 24 and available on a free after his contract with Wigan expired, he could be an absolute steal. What most people don't realise about Momo is that he also has great attacking ability and could potentially be shifted in a position to be play in the 'hole' or behind the striker. His ability to hold off players using his great strength is legendary and also has the capability to play the killer pass or shoot from distance. Momo has the potential to become a great asset to this Everton side.


Well they are just three players who I believe David Moyes should be looking at, but who would you like to see at Goodison Park? Have you found any gems that could take Everton to the next level? Whatever your views we'd love to hear from you? - Football News & Transfers

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