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Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Spurs: Has Laurent Blanc always been the man to replace Redknapp?

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It's been over a week since Spurs sacked Harry "the best manager we've had since the sixties" Redknapp and news on his successor is eerily quiet. Those expected to be front runners, Moyes & Martinez, appear to be rank outsiders, and one that is not wanted by anyone, AVB, appears to be one of the first choices.

Whilst it is always difficult to trawl through the newspapers and online rumours and decide what you believe to be tosh or not, it is equally troublesome not to be swayed when just about every source is echoing the same stories. I, for one, backed Levy's decision to relieve Harry of his duties. Not because he was "tactically inept" or because "his head had been turned," but because of the continuous contradictions and his repeated biting of the proverbial feeding hand.

If some papers are to be believed and Spurs had decided to be rid of 'Arry at Christmas, it makes me wonder why there has been a serious lack of direction from the club in the week that followed. I expected the revolving door to be switched on when Harry was shown the door, in that as he left someone was brought in immediately behind him. All we have heard since is that Levy "won't be rushed."

We all know that Harry did a fantastic job and had many of our  fans, myself included, lauding the football that his side produced as the best in the land. So it worries me that maybe he was sacked for the sake of it rather than those in charge believing that they knew of an improved direction for the club to head in.

Some papers yesterday claimed that AVB has been interviewed for the job already. I truly hope this is not the case and I am not surprised to hear that some senior players are also worried about the potential of this appointment. I am sure that he will be the brilliant coach that so many claim him to be but he had one freak season at Porto followed by the disaster that was his reign at Chelsea. This is not the CV of a man that we should be looking to in order to realise our dreams of competing for the title.

The other leading candidate at the moment, and the better in my opinion, is Laurent Blanc. He has been touted many times as the possible successor to Sir Alex Ferguson and both at Bordeaux and now with France he has managed to transform a team into forces to be reckoned with. Whilst AVB couldn't handle the Chelsea dressing room Blanc took on a France side that had revolted against their fromer manager in the middle of a World Cup and now has them looking like a real threat to Spain's title as European Champions. He is also out of contract following Euro 2012.

Should Blanc be the front runner it will certainly fill some holes in the Harry story. It would explain why there has been no approach for any of the other favourites and would also explain why a new man wasn't brought in at the end of May. Mr Blanc appears to be a very intelligent man and, like Martinez, always appears to handle himself very well and comes across in press conferences and public interviews as a very respectful man.

As things stand, assuming that Martinez and Moyes are not being considered, I hope that Blanc is the man that Levy has already installed as the next head coach at Spurs whilst being respectful to France's Euro 2012 campaign. His sides play a great brand of attacking football and he has proved that he can handle one of the most difficult dressing rooms in world football. Should he be appointed in the coming weeks then maybe some of Fleet Street's Harry lovers will be a little quieter and it will also reinforce my belief that Daniel Levy is the man to take Tottenham forward with his master plan.

In Levy we trust.......for now.

If you agree with Gary then we would love to hear from you. Or maybe you think that AVB is the man to make Spurs a world force. Either way get in touch and let us know what you think.

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