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Wednesday, 04 July 2012

Spurs: We've been expecting you Mr Boas

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The decision has been made and the man to take Tottenham Hotspur onto the next level is Andre Villas-Boas. Is he the man that I wanted? No. Is he the man that the players wanted? Not if you believe the press. Is he the man that the fans wanted? Not the ones that I know. Is he the man that we have? Yes he is. So now we must get behind him. It is no longer the time for negativity, now we should take a positive look at why he COULD be the man to become our next Bill Nic.

His disastrous spell at Chelsea led to many, myself included, heralding him as a one season wonder for FC Porto. A fluke season that he will never repeat and just glad not to have to see him on our screens again. The press appear to be split on him and just about all of them afford him the kindness to describe him as a young and bright manager, his attitude seemingly called into question rather than his ability or imagination. Now that he is in charge it is time to look at why he could take Spurs to the next level.

At The Bridge he had not only a job to do on the pitch but was also given clear guidelines on what Abramovich wanted him to do with the playing squad off of the pitch. He wanted the old guard removed and a new young, hungry and attacking group brought through to dazzle the world. Unfortunately for AVB this wasn't a task that should have been given to such a young and inexperienced manager. He was trying to get rid of players that will go down as legends at Chelsea. It is widely known that Abramovich lays a lot of blame for AVB's demise at the feet of the players and he must have tired from the players regularly letting him know their thoughts on a manager that they didn't respect.

It was also going to be a huge ask for AVB to shake the 'DVD' nickname that had been presented to him by the same group of players only a couple of years earlier under Mourinho's tenure as the opposition scout. For a man who had been subjected to light ridicule only a few seasons prior was going to have to make a truly monumental impression on the squad for them to buy into his ideas.

At Spurs he will be presented with a younger squad that, particularly at the back, should be more capable of adapting to his high octane style. A high back line was nigh on impossible at Chelsea due to John Terry's lack of pace and the fact that AVB couldn't take him out of the side, as there are few defences worldwide that would be improved by removing a John Terry. At the Lane he will have two very mobile full backs and fastly improving Younnes Kaboul and (hopefully) Jan Vertonghen. This should enable the likes of Scott Parker and Sandro to put the opposition under pressure high up the pitch knowing that the back four are capable of chasing after a long ball over the top.

If rumours are to be believed, he is also likely to get significant backing from the chairman at Tottenham. At Chelsea, whilst Mata was signed, it was not enough to enable him to carry out  the transition that he brought in to perform. Spurs already have a young nucleus and with the removal of one or two ageing players and the introduction of a few more young, exciting lads he will have a squad that he can really stamp some authority on. Talk of a player revolt has been mentioned several times in the press, and while it appears a matter of time before Luka has it on his toes I just can't see this being true. Bale has signed a new contract, assumingly on the basis that he already knew AVB was on route, I doubt very much Scotty Parker would create a stink as he was relegated with West Ham and never once publicly mentioned leaving the club. The only older players left to kick up a fuss are probably King and Gallas, and they are being linked to leaving the club anyway. 

Some papers also hint towards AVB acknowledging that he tried to oust the older members of his squad too quickly. This is an encouraging sign, if he doesn't see a long term future for someone at the club it doesn't mean that they won't be needed in the short term. If he can utilise the members in his squad in the right manner and become a bit more personable with the press I see no reason why he can't be a success.

The new training ground in Enfield could also play a huge part in AVB outlining his ideas at Tottenham. There will be no adopted changing area for each player, there will be no favoured seating plan for the players and no favoured areas to meet up and gossip. He was accused of making large changes at Cobham that many didn't take well to. At Enfield however, the players and manager alike will be expected to get used to new surroundings very quickly. New surroundings that the new manager can tweak before the players even park their cars for the first time.

Had AVB been appointed 12 months ago following on from his impressive year at FC Porto, everyone would herald his appointment as a masterstroke. So lets forget what he did at Chelsea as he IS the man we've got regardless of personal preferences and Spurs are still the club I love, so it's time for all fellow Spurs fans to get behind AVB and the club. COYS.

Do you agree with Gary? Can AVB be a hit at White Hart Lane? Or will Spurs suffer in the same manner as Chelsea? Whatever your views, we'd love to hear from you.

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