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Monday, 23 July 2012

Is this the worst football kit ever?

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Players and fans are supposed to wear their shirts with pride, but sometimes the tops are so hideous they make you utterly ashamed.

Arsenal fans have complained about their Dennis the Menace away kit, Manchester United supporters have hit out over their new tartan home kit and some Liverpool fans are less than keen on their new strip, but they have nothing on Spanish side Recreativo de Huelva.

This is their new strip for the 2012/13 season.

Del huelva

What on earth were Hummel thinking about when they created this top? The socks and shorts are standard enough but the shirt itself is ridiculous. Did Minnie Mouse break into their design studio?

Understandably the fans of the oldest club side in Spain are furious. They are planning a protest march against the kit this Wednesday, but club officials are reportedly happy with the innovative design. Apparently Hummel have said they only had 10 days to come up with a design after taking on the contract at the last minute. Really? I could have come up with a better kit in 10 minutes!

However, fans of Recreativo del Huelva aren't the only fans who have suffered at the hands of a kit manufacturer. Here are five of the worst football kits of all time.

5. Arsenal away 1991

Arsenal away

Adidas are usually one of the better kit manufacturers but even they have boobed in the past. The Gunners dazzled the top flight with this strip. Unfortunately it didn't win too many style awards.

4. Norwich City 1992

Norwich home

There was definitely something wrong with the 90s. Whether it was those from the rave generation getting highly paid design jobs or designers just being heavily influenced by drugs I'm not sure, but this kit, affectionately known as the 'bird poo shirt', was a horror.

3. Coventry City

Coventry brown

Coventry City are known as the Sky Blues, so what on Earth possessed them to go brown for their away kit in the late 1970s? Worse still, why did Puma decide to honour it by producing their own version in 2009 for the club's 125th anniversary?

2. Partick Thistle away 2009

When you are playing in a football mad city with the likes of Rangers and Celtic you'd think the owners would try to encourage children to support the Jaggies by giving them a decent top to wear. Unfortunately in 2009 they came out with this monstrosity. A camouflage kit is bad enough, but putting pink in it as well. What is that about?

1. Hull City 1992


You can picture the scene now can't you. "Hull City are nicknamed the Tigers aren't they? Yes. Well let's give them a tiger strip. Genius." Thank God the person who created this kit never got the contract of producing an Arsenal shirt! This has regularly been voted amongst the worst kits ever and it's easy to see why.

Still, I think that has a long way to go to beat Recreativo del Huelva's latest effort. The Spaniards may be European and World Champions on the pitch but some of their designers need to go back to art school.

Calling all football fans: What is the worst kit ever? What's the most hideous shirt your club has ever worn? Can it top Decreativo del Huelva's latest effort or Hull City's tiger design? If so we'd love to hear from you.

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