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Friday, 05 April 2013

West Brom: What should we do with Peter Odemwingie?

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Some people are never satisfied. West Brom's Peter Odemwingie certainly falls into that category.

In most fans' eyes the Nigerian international is living the dream. He is playing professional football and being paid, quite handsomely, for the privilege. However, Odemwingie is not a happy bunny. He has taken to Twitter repeatedly over the past few months to reveal how West Brom have reneged on promises, how he was refused his 'dream' move to QPR and how shabbily he has been treated at the Hawthorns.

In his latest meltdown on Twitter, he criticised team selection, accused team-mates of talking behind his back and claimed he wanted to be sacked.

All of this negativity surrounding Odemwingie has taken a lot of the gloss off what has been a great debut season in management by Steve Clarke. The former Chelsea and Liverpool number two has been in the top half of the table all season and the Baggies are still in with a slim shout of ending the season in a European spot.

The Scot has dealt with the Odemwingie situation reasonably well, but if you were in his shoes what would you do with the want-away striker?

Here are the views of some Squarefootball writers, readers and fans on Google+.

Squarefootball's Liverpool reporter Dave Disciascio

"Odemwingie’s position at West Brom is currently untenable, and they must offload the striker the first day of the summer transfer window. He is currently a drain on wages as he only trains with the reserves, and his compulsive twittering is a distraction at best, and damaging to morale at worst. A cut-price move to a new club will generate more money than letting him walk.

"The situation is awfully ironic considering West Brom’s ferocious attempts to keep the player on deadline day, and now the club can’t keep him far enough away."

Bolton Wanderers fan Dave Blackburn

"Let him go; he doesn't want to play for the club ad is probably earning a fortune. He can't go anywhere before the end of the season so can't effect anything but as soon as the final whistle of the final game blows terminate his contract there and then. He's a very good player, but very much his own man, doesn't think before speaking or maybe just very badly advised. Then again he may be clever than we think and is doing it on purpose to get a move - he wouldn't be the first or last player to do that!"

Squarefootball writer and West Ham fan Mitch Waddon

"I would make him sit in the reserves. He almost wants to be sacked so he can find a new club. Leave him there to rot."

West Brom fan Mark Whelan said on Google+

"Personally, I'd love to see the club take a stand here. Put him straight in training with the youth. Any transgression of his contract with his utterly barking Twitter rants would be another £78K fine for every single time he opened his ego-obsessed gob. I'd be very tempted to put him in the first team and sub him off after 30 seconds. This serves no other purpose than to humiliate him and make us look small time, but, stuff it, he deserves it."

West Brom fan Ciran Maguire said on Google+

"I would release him as soon as possible so he doesn't get any more wages out of us. He's humiliating WBA and the fans, after we took him away from a bad situation (racist chanting from his club's fans) at his previous club. His Twitter rants are ridiculous and he should be warned about them, any more would result in fines like the QPR one."

Sunderland fan Tony Ratton

"Peter Odemwingie should look for a new club. I very much doubt whether the Baggies fans can ever fully forgive him for that transfer window incident. "

Squarefootball writer and Birmingham City fan Steve Coulter

"I think West Brom should get rid of Peter Odemwingie. He is causing too much trouble and is not worth the hassle. Albion should have sold him to QPR when they had the chance. I am sure Steve Clarke would prefer to keep Romelu Lukaku at The Hawthorns."

Ben Rogers on Google+

"Well the guy clearly doesn't want to be there. Sell him for as much as possible and get him off the wage bill."

Squarefootball writer Hugh Larkin 

"Odemwingie wants to leave, so WBA should sell - in fact they should have sold in January because it will be tough to get a decent price now."

So that's what they think, but what would you do with him? Is there any way back for him at West Brom?

Whatever your views, we'd love to hear from you.

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