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Tuesday, 09 July 2013

Celtic: Should they let Wanyama, Hooper and Forster leave Celtic Park?

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Transfer news used to give Celtic fans an adrenaline rush. Big names used to walk through the door like Henrik Larsson, Chris Sutton and John Hartson. Even players who had much less impact at the club like Roy Keane, Thomas Gravesen and Juninho generated frenzied excitement among the fans.

Since the demise of arch-rivals Rangers and acceleration of money into the English game in the past 10 years all the excitement at Celtic Park is now generated by which players will be sold off.

Football is simply a business; there is no sentimentality or loyalty. Celtic have a business model in place for the transfer market and the model is to buy guys who are young and unproven for a low price and then sell them on at multiples of that price once they have had Champions League exposure.

This is my analysis on the three big transfer questions at Celtic Park this summer.

Victor Wanyama

Victor is the best player at the club; he is arguably the best signing Celtic have made since Henrik Larsson in 1997. Sadly Victor is too good and too valuable for Celtic to hold on to. It appears that Celtic have valued him at £12 million and at the moment it looks like Southampton are in agreement with that valuation. Celtic must take that kind of money. It’s amazing to see a club the size of Southampton having that kind of power over Celtic, but this is the new reality.

Gary Hooper

I think it is time for Celtic to cash in on Gary Hooper too. The number 88 clearly thinks he should be an England international and wants to prove it in the Premier League. I would let him go at anything in the region of £3 to £4 million, as he will not sign a new contract at Celtic. If English managers are scouting him properly they will be able to see beyond his goals per game ratio, his statistics are impressive but he has a tendency to score a glut of goals in games where teams are down and out and then not hit the mark for long spells. He will never be an England international, but Celtic should cash in and let Hooper find out that reality the hard way.

Frazer Forster

It’s not time to go selling this asset. He actually is an England international and is fully proven at the highest level of the Champions League. Those of us with memories of Rab Douglas and Magnus Hedman know the value of having a solid keeper between the sticks. It is unlikely an offer of £10 million will be made for Frazer but that is the price Celtic should put on the head of an England international. The big man should not be for sale.

Article by Jim Barry

Calling all Celtic fans: Do you agree with Jim's views? Should Wanyama and Hooper be sold this summer or should the club try and hold on to their star players? How much would it take for you to cash in on Frazer Forster? Who would you be willing to see leave Celtic Park this summer? Whatever your views, we'd love to hear from you.


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