Masters 2024

Sunday, 11 April 2004

722: Masters 2024, #4

by : Stephen Orford The year is 2024. In an attempt to boost flagging ratings in the post-Premiership era, Sky Sports have revived the Masters Football series once popular at the turn of the century. Teams from the North West, North East, South and Midlands will compete for the title of Masters C...


Sunday, 04 April 2004

710: Masters 2024, #3

by : Stephen Orford Suddenly a strange receding grey haired man is seen walking down the ring ramp. Andy: He had to show up didn’t he … It’s Sven! Martin: Sven? I never thought he’d show his face tonight after the secret Chelsea talk fiasco last weekend. Out of nowhere John Terry runs down the ramp...


Saturday, 13 March 2004

673: Masters 2024, #2

by : Stephen Orford Ring announcer: Introducing first is the host, fighting out of the specially prepared black and white corner, weighing in at a hefty 16 stone, and standing tall at 5ft 9, it’s the one and the only Sir Bobbbbbbbbyyyyyyy ‘The Legggeeeennd’ Robbbbbbsssoonnn. The crowd go ecstatic....


Saturday, 06 March 2004

661: Masters 2024

by : Stephen Orford There have been plenty of other examples of negative publicity – • the on-off saga over the players’ deferral of wages. • the rape charge (eventually dropped) against Jody Morris. • the drink-drive ban for Pennant. • Gray going public over his decision to omit David Batty...



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