The agitator

Saturday, 06 March 2004

663: The Agitator #8

by : Antony Melvin MONDAY As Peter Kenyon gets his feet properly under Ken Bates desk at Chelsea we can expect a plethora of deals, many of them at inflated prices. When you’re the richest team the easiest way to secure deals is to pay the most – and Kenyon can be like a kid in a sweet store. So ...


Sunday, 29 February 2004

647: The Agitator #7

by : Antony Melvin MONDAY Called back from holiday to oversee the sale of a series of Chelsea players and staff members following the weekends result. It’s a Chelsea free-for-all this week, and we’re charging double. So Fabio Capello (Roma) is set to swap jobs with Claudio Ranieri (Mirror), or is...


Saturday, 21 February 2004

639: The Agitator #6

by : Antony Melvin MONDAY The agitator has been retained by several ambitious European clubs to raise their, ah, profile by selling their best players for what could only be described as a small fortune by certain middle-eastern dictators. While Manchester United have money, only Chelsea have MONE...


Saturday, 14 February 2004

617: The Agitator #5

by : Antony Melvin Martin: Well we’ve wasted enough time already. This sell out Southampton crowd is chomping at the bit so without further to do, let’s head down to ringside for the all important ring introductions. Ring announcer: Ladies and Gentlemen… It’s Showtime… Let’s get ready to rrrrrruuuu...


Saturday, 07 February 2004

591: The agitator #4

by : Antony Melvin The secret diary of the man who gets things done MONDAY The last day of the transfer window and Spurs make their move. After spreading enough fear, uncertainty and doubt many commentators had dismissed the possibility of another big money move, but regular readers of this colum...


Saturday, 31 January 2004

574: The agitator #3

by : Antony Melvin The secret diary of the man who gets things done. Monday Almost looking forward to Sunday and the close of the window. Almost. This week the press will be at their most gullible looking for anything, anything that might bring in the punters. I believe there have been four sal...


Saturday, 24 January 2004

553: The agitator #2

by : Antony Melvin It is reported that Tottenham have bid five million pounds, coincidentally the amount rumoured to be needed to keep Leeds going, for the services of Paul Robinson and James Milner. That Leeds have rejected this offer may just be evidence that they are driving a harder bargain th...


Saturday, 17 January 2004

534: The agitator #1

by : Antony Melvin The secret diary of the man who gets things done. MONDAY Arsenal are still keen on Angel at Villa. Decided to stop that particular one with a ridiculous £20m price tag (Mirror), after reaching a deal that will see Angel become the new face for Pukka pies in the west Midlands a...



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