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Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Outside the Box – Football on TV: No room for confusion as Edgar Davids reminds us all who he is

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You know, as we loiter in this age of decadent, endemic wholesale filth; a world preoccupied with the selfish needs of the few; a world in which sex, violence and sleaze are championed more than love, peace and honesty; a world teetering on the edge, tipping ever closer to a mass orgy of self-serving gluttony ended only by the sudden and complete erosion of a once noble moral fibre. You know, with all this, you’d think we could cope with a footballer saying a naughty word on TV wouldn’t you?

But no, on Sunday, Sky Sports’ morality alarm rang out for the first time since Richard Keys and Andy Gray packed up their 1970s opinions and haircuts and left, when ex-Holland superstar Edgar Davids swore live on air during the usually flaccid spectacle of Goals On Sunday. Although if you saw it you might have been fooled into believing that Davids’ transgression was far more than blurting out a curse word following the reaction of host Ben Shepherd. His grovelling pleads for forgiveness were enough to convince us that Davids had in fact pulled a small kitten out of his impeccably presented shirt and proceeded to carve out it’s heart with the lenses from his cool shades. For heavens sake Ben, all he said was “I’m f****** Edgar Davids!” I know you come from the sofas at GMTV where a hole in a sock is considered ‘too taboo’ to broadcast, but I think our society has reached a point now where we can hear a bad word without jumping to our feet and letting out shrieks of distress. Edgar Davids is a cool guy, he played for stellar teams like Ajax, Barca, Milan and Barnet; you can’t shackle him and pretend he is some generic windbag telling Lorraine Kelly about the menopause: he’s f****** Edgar Davids!

It was probably fortunate that f****** Edgar Davids wasn’t booked for the BBC’s MOTD Kickabout a day earlier on Saturday. Snuggled in the late morning slot, MOTD Kickabout is a child-friendly companion to Lineker’s late night ship and does a great job in taking our national game and turning it into a flurry of gimmicky games and quirky quizzes. Presented by Ore Oduba (no, me neither), MOTD Kickabout is a 20-minute burst of energy and recycled bits from Soccer AM; features include a couple of blokes doing football tricks, a celebrity (or someone from CBBC) showing the viewers around their favourite club, and a weekly quiz in which Ore poses a few footy teasers to whichever random personality was lurking around the BBC reception five minutes before transmission.

This week’s unfortunate guest was a singer apparently; presumably she’d arrived a tad early for the recording of Never Mind The Buzzcocks and so was bundled on to the MOTD Kickabout set to keep Ore company. She joined in with hi-jinks gainfully, but always with that same baffled look of a grandparent being handed an iPad. Not that it diluted the enjoyment of the show at all. There should be more football-themed TV for young supporters; the ever-darkening climate of professional football doesn’t always afford the sunny joie de vivre of youthful exuberance, and shows like MOTD Kickabout do a wonderful job of pricking the bloated pomposity of football’s elitist sensibilities and reminding them that it really is just a silly game. Saturday’s programme did see a dark end though, when our rambunctious host ended the show by looking squarely down the camera and declaring “I’m f****** Ore Oduba!” To which I, and the several thousand children watching shrugged our shoulders and replied in unison: “who?”

No such confusion over identities back at Sky Sports on Sunday as Chelsea welcomed Brendan Rodgers’ improving Liverpool side for Live Super Sunday. A decent game, made infinitely more enjoyable by seeing John Terry writhing around in pain, as opposed to the usual sight of seeing him causing it of course. It remains to be seen whether Terry’s injury will keep him out of the game for an extended time, but should the unthinkable happen, and poor old JT cannot pull on his cherished Chelsea blue shirt for a while, he can take solace in the fact that on Sunday, for once, he wasn’t the wayward pariah adorning the screens of Sky Sports. For once he wasn’t the centre of attention. For once he wasn’t the emblematic effigy for our ethically corrupt society. That dubious honour belonged to f****** Edgar Davids; and God bless ‘im for that. - Football News & Transfers
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