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Gascoigne- The Man Who Made The Premier League Happen
It’s become commonplace to date the resurgence of English football from the foundation of the Premier League in 1992 but the road to the Wealthiest League in the World began in 1990. Following football before 1990 was a grim pastime. Decrepit stadiums, h...
Published 26/02/2008 09:00:00.
Five ways that the 39th step could be good for the Premier League
The knee-jerk reaction to a 39th game for Premier League teams was an expected bad one. Most reporters and pundits see it as a brazen attempt to generate more cash for the clubs, and they aren't wrong, but that is not necessarily an evil thing. The way ...
Published 09/02/2008 08:00:00.
Who needs a national team when you have the Premier League?
After England fans were witness to the diabolical shambles that unfolded last week at least we can retreat back to the real pride of the English game, the Premier League....
Published 29/11/2007 10:30:00.
J'accuse - pre-season friendlies
Apparently there was a football tournament on at the weekend....
Published 01/08/2007 08:00:00.
Premiership - The Final Day; Survival Scrap
Wednesday night’s goalless bore draw between Chelsea and Manchester United (May 9) would not even qualify as a dress rehearsal for next week’s FA Cup final between the two....
Published 10/05/2007 15:05:00.
Premiership; Stephen Orford's Team Of The Year 2006/07
by Stephen Orford
Published 25/04/2007 08:00:00.
Ex-Premiership Strikers Bang In the Goals Across Europe
by Hugh Larkin
Published 02/04/2007 10:00:00.

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