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Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Squarefootball Diary

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Squarefootball diary brought via the medium of football tweets on Twitter.

23:30 Squarefootball Diary #

01:12 Squarefootball Diary: Squarefootball diary brought via the medium of football tweets on Twitter. 23:30 Squaref... #sqf #

13:10 The Guardian has an 'Experts' view of how England may line up in 2014 - basically taking a punt on England dropping almost every 30+ player #

13:14 The players picked most are: Hart, Johnson, Rooney, Milner PLUS Jack Rodwell, Kieran Gibbs, Jack Wilshere, Theo Walcott and Adam Johnson #

13:16 Will those 9 (Hart, G Johnson, Rooney, Milner, Rodwell, Gibbs, Wilshere, Walcott, A Johnson) really form the basis for #WC2014 ? #

14:00 @GideonLegend Will Gerrard still be on top of his game at 34 after 14 seasons at the top? Not sure, but Giggs, Maldini prove it can be done. #

14:56 RT @paul_tomkins: Only 3 managers in PL 'history' have better pts av (72) than Benitez <-- ooh is this a quiz? #

15:01 @sarahmufc93 Honda looked easily good enough for the Prem League against Denmark - even without Ronaldo-esque free-kick #JAP #

15:01 RT @iainmacintosh: "We're clinging to Santa Cruz like a drowning man. We know all about him, the rest of them are a bit of a mystery." ITV! #

15:02 RT @twofootedtackle: "Everyone in England wants to see videos." YOU DO NOT SPEAK FOR ME, SKY. #

15:10 Only 5 #ENG players in the #WC2010 squad will be in their 20s when #WC2014 starts! Dads Army. #

15:12 @TSmilinAssassin Surely a quick #Liverpool takeover is less likely if Hodgson is about to be installed - unless he's their pick. #

15:14 ITV may not know anything about #PAR or #JAP - but one proved as good as #ENG and one proved better - some respect is overdue. #

15:16 Does anyone think for a second that anyone (eg John Motson) on the BBC would be so clueless about a last 16 game? #

15:22 @mirkobolesan: Who is the youngest player to have scored in #WC2010? I assume Blanco is the oldest..? <-- Surely Eriksson's scored? #

15:25 @TSmilinAssassin I'm always surprised when the media fail to link Harry Redknapp with any and every decent vacancy #

15:38 RT @2ndYellow: Q: Would it be better if the media revealed the players that 'Arry Redknapp is not interested in signing? <-- def be quicker #

15:39 @mirkobolesan I meant Eriksson at Ivory Coast, he's bound to be the oldest scorer at #WC2010 #

15:49 RT @karanajmani: #jpn vs #par has the potential to become the most boring match at WC <-- #ENG vs #ALG and #FRA vs #URU were dreadful #

15:50 Have any of the ITV pundits mentioned their admiration of Honda's engine? #

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