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Monday, 12 July 2010

Squarefootball Diary

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Squarefootball diary brought via the medium of football tweets on Twitter.

23:30 Squarefootball Diary #

00:46 sqF Mailbag: I would welcome him with open arms. The guy is fierce and gives his all in every appearance regardles... #

00:46 sqF Mailbag: Might me a good player but def dont want him and 6 mill thats way over the top for a 30 year old tro... #

00:46 sqF Mailbag: Yes. Most definitely. A bit of backbone for our forward line. #

00:46 sqF Mailbag: A good player when fit or not fighting his team mates.

Dont like him, but would instil a bit of much... #

00:46 sqF Mailbag: Wouldnt touch him with a bargepole! Hes arrogant and will definitely upset the harmony. He is a pain ... #

01:03 Squarefootball Diary: Squarefootball diary brought via the medium of football tweets on Twitter. 23:30 Squaref... #sqf #

17:24 sqF Mailbag: I am A Celtic fan and think Campbell would be a great signing for us still fit and knows his way arou... #

17:24 sqF Mailbag: Id love to have him. Hes a great player and a great bloke. Just keep the golf clubs out of reach hahaha. #

17:24 sqF Mailbag: We dont want Bellamy at Tottenham because hes a whinging, whining and moaning welsh person. The only ... #

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